Newcastle NSW Nature Tour

a koala.kangaroo and wombat are some of  the Australian animals seen here on the Newcastle Nature Tour

Our Newcastle NSW Nature Tour is an experience not to be missed if you are visiting Newcastle and want to see the local wildlife in and around Newcastle.


Shepherd Bus Tours will work with you to create some  Nature Tours that we know you will be happy with.

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Newcastle and the surrounding areas have a wide variety of different Australian native animals that call the area home.
We have a choice that Shepherd Bus Tours can visit between natural areas, meaning they are not human-made but natural bush or human-made zoo's.

Browse through the list below and decide if a particular activity appeals to you and then give us a call to arrange a suitable time to visit it.



The city of Newcastle has a hidden wildlife gem located minutes from the city and in the center of its residential suburbs known as Blackbutt Reserve.
The area derives its name from a stand of Blackbutt trees.
(Eucalyptus pilularis).
After extensive early logging, these days the trees are not as prolific as they once were and a large number of the few remaining trees grow in reserves and forests along the NSW coastal regions.
Blackbutt timber plays its part throughout Australias Parliment house as a durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring for the countries capital.
Koalas favourite leaves are the Blackbutt leaves.



A wooden foot bridge into Blackout reserve on the Newcastle NSW Nature Tour

Initially, in 1940 the reserve was only 143 acres made up of land bought by the New Lambton Council from private owners. Over the years the area has chopped and changed, at one point growing with additional land purchases to 449 acres.
Extensive coal mining throughout the area had left it in desperate need of rejuvenation by 1963.
Newcastle council decided to start the what it called the Blackbutt program late in that year, and three years later people were astounded at how quickly the area was returning to its original state.
With the Blackbutt Reserve returning to a place people wanted to visit, during mid-1960's council introduced captive animals.
The enclosures remain today complete with all sorts of native Australian animals.


Feeding times are a great time to be at the reserve if you wish to see the animals out and about.

Available every day of the year except for Good Friday, Anzac Day & Christmas Day.

10.30am - Wombat feast
10.45am - Bird brunch
1.30pm - Nocturnal nourish
2.oopm - Koala dining

It's also a fantastic place for us to eat with barbecue facilities available in a beautiful parkland setting amongst the animals.

Sign showing the feeding times at the Newcastle NSW Nature Tour


The locals know of places that you can reliably visit and
see Kangaroos feeding in the wild.

One place that recently has gained quite a reputation for this is Morrisset Hospital grounds.
Sadly there have been over 1500 people per week going there, and many of them have been feeding the Kangaroos carrots.
The carrots are addictive for Kangaroos. They crave them so severely that many Kangaroos have become very aggressive and injured some people.

We can take you there, but we would prefer to go to our secret places where the Kangaroos have had minimal interaction with people, so you can visit them and watch them as nature intended. That is like a wild animal, which is what they are.

Interestingly on our Hunter Valley Winery Tour, we often see Kangaroos. Perhaps you could consider a day in the vineyards wine tasting, along with visiting the Kangaroos.


Just to the north of Newcastle about an hours drive is beautiful Port Stephens. The main township Nelsons Bay rests beside a large body of water known merely by the locals as the Bay.
The Bay is home to approximately 150 curious and playful bottlenose dolphins.
Cruise boats are regularly taking people out to see the dolphins during the warmer summer months.
The vessels have great viewing platforms and a net on the end of a boom that allows people to get into the water with the dolphins.
If you are around at the same time as the whales, June through to October you can you can book the same boats for a whale watching experience.
Every year the Humpback whale population migrates north very close to the coast hoping to escape the southerly current. The expectant mothers are heading up to Queensland to give birth to their babies.
If you are lucky, you may see some whales breaching and doing acrobatics as they swim along.
We can combine your dolphin or whale watching day with some Port Stephens sightseeing highlights in addition to some fine dining in a restaurant of your choice.

If you are a bit more energetic and want something just a little more adventurous during summer, we can arrange for you to visit the dolphins by paddling your very own kayak. Just let us know if this appeals to you.

A group of people on a Winery Tour from Newcastle to the Hunter Valley